Light Application Center (LAC)

To create & provide leadership in lighting solutions by quality & energy efficient products which will lead to a delightful customer experience & sustained satisfaction.

To align all goals, objectives, actions in line with being Customers preferred "FIRST CHOICE".

Lighting is a visual experience... the most powerful of all because it shapes what we see, do, and feel. The best way to learn about light and lighting is to experience it; in three-dimensions, in full scale, and with dynamic, hands-on engagement. That's what you do at Al Hassan Light Application Centre(LAC). You experience how lighting can improve your life and your enterprise.

The LAC approaches lighting with full-scale demonstration environments for home, retail, office, industry, education, and hospitality application. Alternative lighting systems enable you to compare different lighting effects and technologies. At the Light Application Center(LAC) you can see & breathe lighting & its various types of applications.

Enjoy your tour to the possibilities of lighting "Say hello to LED the next generation of light!" A complete range of lighting solutions for every application or lighting requirement is presented in an applied way, so that you can "Watch, Learn, Relax & Enjoy the LAC"